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There’s No Progress Like Personal Progress

My wife works with the young women in our church and is helping with the New Beginnings program this year. During one of the planning meetings, someone suggested singing a song with custom lyrics to a popular tune. Cheryl is good at that sort of thing and immediately piped up with “There’s No Progress Like Personal Progress.” The others liked the idea and asked her to come up with something.

So she wrote some lyrics.

And sang them.

Then asked me to mix it with the music from the original Broadway show.

And here is the finished version:

There’s no progress like personal progress
To help your testimony grow
Getting your medallion is so thrilling
There is so much more for you in store
If you just keep your feet a-moving
Then you are proving that you are more
Than before
There’s no people like you people
There’s no people I know
Setting goals will help you and you will go far
It doesn’t matter where you are
This is your movie and you’re the star
Let’s get on with our goals
Let’s get on with our goals

They are planning to perform the song for the girls during the program. Should be fun. :)

We’ve places the lyrics into the public domain. Please feel free to use them.

UPDATE: Here is a video of the leaders performing. Cheryl was disappointed she was out of town and couldn’t be there.


Father’s Day

This is a song for all the fathers and grandpas in our lives:


Mother’s Day

Our family recorded a song for the mothers and grandmothers in our lives. Just thought we’d share.