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April 5, 2010

Cold Water Shaving

by Dan

After reading about shaving with cold water, I’ve tried it several times over the last few days. It’s a much better experience for me.

Shaving with cold water seems like a hardship, a practice that must be endured in Spartan living conditions. After all, it’s wet shaving doctrine that a man must always shave with hot water. It not only feels nice, it softens the beard and supposedly gives you a more comfortable shave.

But what if that advice is wrong? What if it’s actually better to shave with cold water…?

Well, according to a bunch of authors in the 19th century, cold water shaving is indeed superior to shaving with hot water.

The biggest improvements for me were:

  1. Much easier to cut my hair. I have a smoother shave with one pass than I was getting with two.
  2. Getting fewer nicks and cuts on my face.

I have to admit, I’m sold.

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