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February 7, 2010


Family Pictures Fall 2009

by Dan

A few months ago, we dragged grandma up into the mountains and took some family pictures. We took a lot of pictures, but very few seemed to turn out. Now that we’re finally finished sifting and editing, I’ve uploaded some of the best ones.

Family sitting on a fence in front of fall leaves

We got some really good pictures of Grandma with the grandkids.

Grandma with the grandkids

And Cheryl always seems photogenic.

Dan and Cheryl

Pretty girl

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  1. Matt
    Mar 5 2010

    Hi Dan,

    Those are great pictures. With just a little more photoshop (or Gimp if you are me) tweaking you could warm up the colors quite a bit which would make the prints just a touch nicer. You probably already know how to do it, but on the off chance that you’d like help, I’d be happy to help. Let me know.


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