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September 30, 2009

Changes in Mozy for Mac 1.5

by Dan

After a two week beta period, the 1.5 release of Mozy for Mac was released today. We’ve made a lot of improvements over the last few releases. If you’re new to Mozy, you should try our 2GB-for-free, no-strings-attached version here.

The official announcement is on our blog. Here’s more details about what changed in this release:


  • Consumer and business versions of the software can now run simultaneously on the same machine.
  • Added a file scanning progress indicator in the Configuration window.
  • Added a warning that appears when a backup is started before the product is fully configured.
  • Added a warning to prevent changes being lost when the Configuration is closed without saving.
  • Simplified the list of options in the menu bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved memory usage during backup and restore.
  • Improved the way network encryption keys are retrieved.
  • Improved the ability to restore default backup sets in the Configuration window.
  • Improved the efficiency of the log file collector.
  • Improved the handling of temporary files.
  • Improved the handling of database corruption.
  • Eliminated unnecessary API calls to improve performance.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Mac 10.4 (Tiger) users from backing up properly.
  • Fixed many instances of potential configuration corruption.
  • Fixed an issue importing a personal key into the decryption utility.
  • Fixed a potential root exploit security issue.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some files with aliases in their paths from being backed up.
  • Fixed an issue where Status would get stuck if the backup process was not running.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Restore to crash for some users.
  • Fixed a rare issue when restoring files with resource forks.
  • Fixed an issue where the uninstaller missed some files.
  • Fixed an issue with handling email addresses containing a “+” sign.
  • Fixed a display defect in the Files and Folders tab.
  • Fixed a display defect with the “Temporary Files Location” in the Preferences window.
  • Fixed the display of exclusion notifications.
  • Fixed a display defect which appeared after saving changes in the Configuration window.
  • Fixed a rare issue which forced user credentials to be reentered.
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