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August 3, 2009

Changes in Mozy for Mac 1.4

by Dan

The Home and Pro versions of Mozy for Mac 1.4 are out. We’ve been working on this since January, and it feels great to finally get it out the door.

The major change in this release is the new file scanner. We’ve greatly improved how Mozy looks for and keeps track of files that need to be backed up. The release has been enabled this afternoon for new customers and existing customers which manually upgrade using the links above. Auto-update will be turned on for all existing Home and Pro customers shortly.

Since we don’t have an official place for showing our Home users a list of what’s changed, I’m including the full list here.


  • Improved overall performance and stability for file selections and backups
  • Added menu option to automate the collection of log files
  • Moved Preferences to global System Preferences
  • Improved sorting of the Files and Folders Configuration window
  • Improved the behavior of saving and canceling in the Configuration window
  • Added a new icon to indicate partially backed-up folders in the Configuration window
  • Added menu item to start a backup from the Configuration window
  • Added the ability to create backup sets to exclude files
  • Added the ability to sort by column in the Backup Sets window
  • Updated online guides
  • Added menu item to send product feedback or suggestions
  • Improved appearance of menu bar icons and other graphics
  • Improved speed of file preparation
  • Added the ability to use the escape (ESC) key to close the Configuration window

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare case of file changes not included in backup
  • Fixed several “database is locked” and “database disk image is malformed” errors
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Increased the accuracy of the bandwidth throttle
  • Fixed creation date issue for restored files
  • Fixed problem with excluded folders being backed up
  • Fixed an issue limiting the amount of custom backup sets
  • Fixed an issue when the user restarts the computer before completing installation
  • Removed redundant column in the Backup Sets window
  • Fixed an issue restoring a file with a resource fork
  • Fixed an issue restoring a file with identical copies being backed up
  • Fixed the occasional “ClientError15” error caused by stopping a backup in progress
  • Fixed “no files selected for backup” message from mistakenly being displayed in the Configuration window
  • Fixed some Snow Leopard compatibility issues

UPDATE: We’ve got an official announcement on Mozy’s blog. I updated the links to point to the 1.4.3 release, which has fixes for OS X 10.4 and Time Capsule.

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