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March 5, 2008


MacNN Review of Mozy

by Dan

My job involves working on the Mac version of Mozy. It’s good to see very positive reviews of our work. I know there’s room for improvement too, but it’s great to see happy users.

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  1. Lousy customer service/support
    Aug 21 2008

    I had the Pro service for over a year. During that time, at least monthly, uploads would not be accomplished and I had re-install the software. Inconvenient to say the least. Then disaster struck. Hard Drive failure. All my business records were backed up to Mozy. So no problem I thought. The computer tech said he may be able some but not all data and suggested I request the DVD backup from Mozy. I ordered those DVDs on June 23, 2008. The Mozy website said I takes 48 hours to send out the DVD. Seven (7) days later no DVDs. Called Mozy who said my request was being handled. When do I get the DVDs? Customer service replies,”When we get to it.” More calls and emails. Same reply.July 11, 2008 DVDs delivered. Eighteen (18) days after our request. The DVDs are labeled Mozypro, date 07-02-2008, Restore: Vol. 1 of 2. The FedEx label shows they were held until July 10, 2008 and shipped overnight. Why the long delay. Again, no one at Mozy can explain. The customer service is department is a prime example of how NOT to treat customers. Yes, I have all the emails, chat records, etc. to backup this posting. As has been said so many times, Buyer beware!

  2. Daniel Reese
    Aug 21 2008

    We have heard reports that DVD restores aren’t going as smoothly as we’d like and are going to fix it. I apologize for the hassles you’ve experienced and would be happy to refund your money or extend your service at no charge. Just send me note at dan at mozy.

    And I will certainly pass on your comments to our manager of Support. That is definitely not the kind of service we want to provide.

  3. Dave Dreyer, Support Manager
    Aug 21 2008

    To offer a bit more clarity on the situation, I have been working very closely with our Development and Product Management teams to isolate exactly where the restore process needs to be improved and fixed. We have been making good progress on this and should be able to start rolling out the updated/improved process very soon. With regards to the responses from the Support team, I have been conducting ongoing training with the team to provide them with best practices and policies regarding how to communicate details of restore orders to customers in a more beneficial manner. They are fully aware that the “We’re working on it” response that you mentioned previously is not acceptable.

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