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September 5, 2007

Selling JetBlue

by Dan

I few months ago, I purchased shares of JetBlue. The stock is down 12% or so since I bought, and I’ve decided to sell. I’ll be “locking in” a loss, but I need some cash to help pay for finishing our yard and had to choose between selling JetBlue and selling Apple. And I think Apple is a better deal.

I still think JetBlue is at the bottom of a cycle and will be up over $15 by next summer. However, I’ve decided to stay with Apple. They are announcing new products and services like crazy. And they seem to be the only major company that has figured out that making things people want to buy is a good strategy.

So, I’m keeping my winner and selling my loser. If I’m right about JetBlue, it should grow about 50%. Apple has about the same potential (which would put it over $200/share), but is more certain. I guess it seems more certain because I understand Apple and it’s market a lot better. Besides, don’t you love your iPod? And your Mac? And your iPhone?

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