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December 1, 2006

Kids Say the Funniest Things

by Dan

I went to school with my 1st grade daughter today to share one of our Christmas traditions with her class. When I asked for volunteers to tell me what their favorite part of Christmas was, one boy raised his hand and said he was excited to ask his dad if he “can get my gun and stay up and see if I can shoot a reindeer.”

My younger son was playing with a neighbor boy on the trampoline in the snow and started crying. I went out to help him get up (the tramp was slippery because of the snow) and brought him inside. He kept complaining through his tears that the other boy had pushed him down and then added, “Just because I pushed him down and he thought…” I’m not sure what he was going to say after that, but my wife and I both laughed pretty hard.

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