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  • Introducing FastSocket

    FastSocket is a fast, synchronous Objective-C wrapper around BSD sockets for iOS and OS X. Use it to send and receive files or raw bytes over a socket very quickly.

  • How To Type Curly Quotes In Mac OS X

    How to type curly quotes in Mac OS X. Also provides a fix to change the default key bindings to something easier to remember.

  • The New and Improved Mozy for Mac 1.6

    Lots of improvements in Mozy for Mac 1.6: faster and memory efficient file scanning, removed Spotlight dependency, non-English languages, Snow Leopard fixes.

  • Changes in Mozy for Mac 1.5

    Summary of changes in Mozy for Mac 1.5: memory usage, performance, Tiger fixes, UI improvements, etc.

  • Changes in Mozy for Mac 1.4

    The [Home](http://mozy.com/downloads/mozy-1_4_3_3.dmg “MozyHome for Mac 1.4”) and [Pro](http://www.mozypro.com/downloads/mozypro-1_4_3_3.dmg “MozyPro for Mac 1.4”) versions of Mozy for Mac 1.4 are out. We’ve been working on this since January, and it feels great to finally get it out the door. The major change in this release is the new file scanner. We’ve greatly improved how Mozy looks…

  • Review: AppleTV

    I’ve been using an [TV][atv] (also known as AppleTV for those who lack Shift-Option-K goodness) for about a year now. It’s a great little device with a couple of really annoying flaws. [atv]: http://www.apple.com/appletv/ ### The Good I like that It’s small, about an inch tall and eight inches on each side. It has an…

  • Mac vs PC

    My aunt is in the market for a new computer and asked me for a recommendation. She said she was really tempted by the new Macs and wanted to know why I liked them. Since I wrote out my reasons for her, I thought I’d share them here too. ### Stability The thing I like…

  • Boot Camp and Snow Leopard at the Same Time

    How I use Winclone on my Leopard machine to switch between Boot Camp and Snow Leopard. Also works for moving a Boot Camp partition to another computer.

  • MozyHome for Mac is Out of Beta

    It’s been a long road, but the Mac version of Mozy is finally [out of beta][1]. We released our official 1.0 version late last week, and I am a happy developer. It was almost exactly a year ago that Mozy released it’s first Mac software, which is way too long to be in a beta…

  • MacNN Review of Mozy

    My job involves working on the Mac version of Mozy. It’s good to see very [positive reviews][1] of our work. I know there’s [room for improvement][2] too, but it’s great to see happy users. [1]: http://www.macnn.com/articles/08/02/28/first.look.at.mozyhome/ [2]: /2007/12/hard-drive-crash-at-mozy