Category: Personal

  • Zen Habits: Lessons Learned

    [Leo Babauta]( wrote an article at [Zen Habits]( describing [38 life lessons he’s learned in 38 years]( He explains each point. Many resonated strongly with me. Worth taking a moment to read and consider. > 2\. Possessions are harmful. 3\. Slow down. Rushing is rarely worth it. 5\. The moment is all there is. 6\.…

  • The Homeless Woman

    The Homeless Woman joke.

  • Someone Cool Wants To Buy My Car

    On my way to work today, while waiting at a stop light, a guy in the car next to me had the guts to ask if I wanted to sell my car. I was impressed enough that I am taking a look around my life to see if there is something I want that I…

  • Family Pictures Summer 2010

    Pictures of our kids from the summer of 2010.

  • Cold Water Shaving

    Brief comment about my experiences shaving with cold instead of hot water.

  • Family Pictures Fall 2009

    A few months ago, we dragged grandma up into the mountains and took some family pictures. We took a lot of pictures, but very few seemed to turn out. Now that we’re finally finished sifting and editing, I’ve uploaded some of the [best ones]( We got some really good pictures of Grandma with the grandkids.…

  • The Cheerios Sugar Factor

    How the sugar content in Cheerios compares to other breakfast cereals.

  • There’s No Progress Like Personal Progress

    Lyrics written and sung by my wife to the tune of There’s No Business Like Show Business for the young women in our church as part of their New Beginnings program.

  • Dear Tooth Fairy

    My daughter discovers how to motivate someone who owes her money.

  • My First Mountain

    A description, with pictures, of my recent hike up Mount Timpanogos.