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Recommended Watching

I just watched a video of a sermon at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church by Nancy Ortberg entitled Jesus & Your Job given on 3/4/07 (via Guy Kawasaki). It’s a great presentation on work and has affected my views. She covers leadership and dignity in the workplace, giving several personal examples that surprised me by showing how good a great leader can be. Very worth spending 20 minutes watching or listening.

And while I’m recommending video segments, I should mention Steve Jobs’s 2005 commencement address at Stanford University. The video and audio are available for free on iTunes and I’ve included the YouTube version below. After reading and hearing about the legendary aspects of Steve’s personality from his early years at Apple, this speech seems to show a humbler, more insightful side – and perhaps some of the reason for Apple’s recent resounding successes.

The transcripts for these speeches are available but are not, in my opinion, as powerful as hearing or watching them. I’m not a big fan of listening to podcasts or watching video clips due to how much more time it takes. I prefer reading things quickly. But both of these videos are worth watching.