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October 7, 2008


Amberly is Crawling

by Dan

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote. I’ve started using a Twitter account I created a long time ago and like actually it. Twitter makes is really easy to make comments.

The big news is that Amberly is crawling! I am pretty sure I saw her crawl just a bit yesterday. But Cheryl didn’t really believe me. Amberly has been able to move around by getting onto her hands and knees and then sitting down in a different direction.

But tonight Cheryl saw her crawl about six feet, directly towards the top of the stairs. We rushed to grab the camera. And of course she won’t crawl for the camera. But we hope to catch her at it again soon.

Go Amberly!

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  1. Alright
    Oct 8 2008

    Go niece! About time you posted something new.

  2. Doreen Bench
    Nov 10 2008

    Hi Dan! This is quite random… you guys came to my mind today and I thought I would google you to see what I could find. So here you are! Looks like you guys are doing great – still in SF! We are out in Indiana working on Nate’s last year of graduate school. We have two little girls – Say hi to Cheryl for me! Tell her I hope she’s doing well.

  3. Dan
    Nov 10 2008

    Hi Doreen. Been a long time. Glad to see you’re keeping busy.

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