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July 16, 2008

If You Want To Write

by Dan

A few weeks ago, I got to attend Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco for work. My plane took off about sunset.

I’d just finished reading Brenda Ueland’s If You Want To Write. I admired the view out the window and then wrote the following:

As the plane rose into the air, I could see the mountains rising up like waves about to crash on the lights of the towns below. They were white-capped still from the remains of winter snows as yet unmelted. The flat plains looked peacefully unsuspecting of the violence poised above them frozen in stone.

Facing the waves, the sun was sinking into a flat line of fog, its orange light spread across the edges of the fog. The scattered islands in the Great Salt Lake below made curious outlines in the fading light.

It’s my first attempt at writing something spontaneously. If You Want To Write is very good, by the way.

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