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June 29, 2008


by Dan

We went to see Wall-E yesterday with some friends who were in town for the weekend. We don’t normally take the kids to movies very often (the last one was Ratatouille, if I remember right) because usually someone will get scared or restless and need to go out in the hallway. It’s always been a big stresser for us, but we keep trying every so often because we love their pure enthusiasm when things are going well.

However, Wall-E went really well. It may have been because they’d watched the previews and trailers so often. But whatever it was, everyone lasted the whole 97 minutes, even Amberly.

And Wall-E was really good. It feels like it goes a bit too quickly, but we all liked it. Tyler asked if we could get the DVD. He was only a little disappointed when I told him it wouldn’t be out until we got closer to Christmas.

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