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January 23, 2008

Ron Paul Update

by Dan

Ron Paul is doing well. He placed second in the Nevada caucuses last week and did well in the Louisiana caucuses today. And as we head into a recession, I hear more and more people saying that Ron Paul is the only candidate who understands the problems and what needs to be done to solve them. One recent comment came from Glenn Beck as he interviewed David Walker, the Controller General of the U.S.

Now, I really like Ron Paul. He voted for military action in Afghanistan directly against the Taliban. But he voted against going to war in Iraq. So, if elected, I expect him to be strong against terrorism and to be extremely cautious about using our military to interfere in foreign countries. In hindsight, it seems obvious that working with the legitimate government of Afghanistan has gone better for us than invading countries that weren’t involved in 9/11.

The only complaint I have so far is with some old newsletters published under Ron Paul’s name several years ago that are very racist. Paul says he did not write them and disagrees with their content, but has not indicated who did write them. There’s an in-depth article in Reason Magazine investigating the identity of the author that concludes Paul didn’t write the material.

Supporting him, several black people who have known Paul for decades, including the head of the NAACP, have stated that Paul is not a racist and has never been one. That doesn’t stop the media from repeating the lies though.

I believe Paul when he says he did not write the material and has never agreed with it. The thing that bothers me is his hesitation in explaining why those newsletters went out with his name on them and who wrote them. Honestly though, this isn’t a big complaint.

Of course, it’s easy to find problems with politicians. For example, Mitt Romney promised Michigan voters that he’d spend billions of taxpayer dollars on reviving the Michigan economy, which essentially means subsidies for the big American auto manufacturers. Thanks for promising to spend my tax money to buy Michigan votes. Romney is still my second choice though. The other candidates are even worse.

So basically, I think Ron Paul still has a fair chance to win the nomination. Less than 10% of the Republican primary delegates have been allocated at this point. With Fred Thompson dropping out and Mike Huckabee running out of money, the Republican race may soon be down to three choices.

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