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May 4, 2007

Last Day at @task

by Dan

Today was my last day working for @task. I’ve been through the process of leaving a company, both voluntarily and otherwise, several times, and I have to say that today has been the best experience to date.

I started at the company about two months ago and, though I hated the feeling of giving up so soon after starting, it was clear that the job wasn’t what I was looking for. My boss was disappointed, but accepted my decision without any personal animosity. He said that he wants his employees to be smart and enthusiastic and if I was having trouble with #2 on that list it was probably best to move on.

I learned something interesting about myself in the process. I had been feeling bad about the company, resentful really, for making me do something that I didn’t enjoy doing. I realized today that my feelings toward the company had entirely cleared up and that my resentment was really just frustration about the particular job I had been hired to do.

This is the first time I’ve left a job feeling good about the company despite knowing that working there wasn’t for me. I believe a lot of that came from my boss’s calm acceptance and lack of defensiveness. He said he didn’t have any complaints about my work and even wished me the best. I need to remember how to do that if I ever find myself in his shoes.

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