Moving Day

My wife and I just moved into a new house. We’re still in the unpacking phase, but the sheer number of unopened boxes is beginning to diminish. Several neighbors came over to help us put boxes into the moving trailer, for which we are both very thankful. We hired a moving company to handle all the larger furniture, including the piano. Looking back, I think that was a great idea. I’m not sure *anyone* really wants to help a neighbor move something that heavy anyway.

The night before the move my dad asked me if we were ready. We’d done a lot of packing (alright, my *wife* had done a lot of packing with some assistance from me in the evenings) and had put almost everything in boxes. He then told me, “Tomorrow you’ll learn why I’ve never wanted to move.” Enter ominous music, I though, though he was quite cheerful about it. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant then, but I think I know now. It was still the right decision for us, but it’s takes a lot of work to move your life – even if it’s only a mile.